Are you following the 10 basic rules for organic growth on Instagram?

Are you following the 10 basic rules for organic growth on Instagram?

With well over 600 million users on Instagram it is officially the fastest growing social platform for 2017 and growth looks to continue into the new year.  Sorry to say there really is no legitimate "hack" at gaining Instagram followers. There are however a lot of things you can do to optimize your page and get above average follower and like growth.

Create a bio people want to read. Tell them who you are, what you do, and give them a reason why they should follow you. You only have 150 characters here so every letter counts. Use line breaks and emojis to help your bio standout and look appealing.

Utilize your captions. This your chance to reflect on your post and connect with the audience. Tell a story, ask a question, or have your audience tag a friend who should see the post. Use the caption to increase engagement among your audience. If you can boost the comments to your post, Instagram will show it to a wider organic audience. 

Hashtags matter. While Instagram gives you up to 30 hashtags per post, that doesn't mean you have to use them all. How many you should use is a constant debate but one thing is for sure. They need to be relevant. 

Generate some buzz. Set up a giveaway for your followers and make a post giving your audience some rules to enter. Maybe they need to go like a certain picture or comment something for a chance to win. You could give away some electronics or maybe a one hour free consultation call if you have some coaching skills.

Shoutouts are clutch. Try finding larger accounts and either DM them or email them to ask them what their shoutout guidelines are. Just make sure the account is close to your niche so you're reaching a similar audience. You can also try swapping shoutouts with accounts that have around the same amount of followers if you're on a tight budget.

Promote a post. If you have a post that exceeds your previous ones, chances are it might be a good idea to promote it. While you generally only want to promote posts that will generate some revenue for you, a high performing post could give you a quick follower boost adding potential future customers. You can start with as little as $5 to start.

Don't be afraid to repost. As long as you give proper credit there's usually no issue. Find a highly active post from a leader in your niche and repost it with a fresh caption. This can also save you some time having to create something original. 

Diversify your hashtags. Whatever number of hashtags you decide on, make sure you choose them with a range of popularity. When you go to type in a hashtag a window will popup with some suggestions and tell you how many posts have you used that hashtag before. Pick a couple under 100,00 posts, a couple under 500,000 and so on. Depending on your account size you want to pick hashtags that will give you a chance to show up on the explore page so you can reach a larger audience.

Hit em' with a story. Using Instagram stories gives your audience a connection to you. Stories don't just need to be a captured video. You can also make a photo edit with a quote and add some music or effects to take advantage of the platform. 

Keep your follow button in check. For some reason people check to see how many followers you have versus how many people you're following on Instagram. If you're following 5,000 people and only have 1,000 following you then you're going to look fake. Definitely follow accounts in your niche but don't go crazy.

These tips may seem like common sense but it's easy to get complacent with your account and there are a lot of big profiles I see under performing because of basic things. With the platform growing by the day you need to be doing everything right to capture people's attention and get a follow. If you have a really good Instagram tip, feel free to share below in the comments!


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